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Budapest Art Camp

Discover Budapest through an artist's eye while staying in Artline Hostel!

Budapest Art Camps are consist of two summer programs: Budapest Plein Air and Budapest Memento. Both are two-week-long workshops focusing on art and the city.

The Budapest Plein Art deals with the connection between painting and the city. You will tour the city, discover hidden sites and magnificient views, paint outside and in the studio, reworking your impressions of the city into your own subjective artworks. There is going to be a good deal of learning techniques but we would like to improve your conceptual skills as well. You will visit unique sites and artist studios.

During the Budapest Memento program participants can reinterpret sculptures of the communist era in the form of site specific installations and photos, performances. It will take place in the famous "Memento Sculpture Park" in Budapest. This unique site features a collection of historical sculpture in the socalist realist style . Throughout the course there will be conceptual discussions and planning then the realization of one's project in the Park.

In our joined program with Corvin Art School accommodation is provided by Artline Hostel.

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